Seeds to eat in Summer Season

Seeds to eat in Summer Season : Mohit Tandon Burr Ridge

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In the summer season, a variety of seeds offer delicious and nutritious options to incorporate into your diet. These seeds are not only flavorful but also packed with essential nutrients, making them excellent additions to summer meals and snacks. Mohit Tandon from Burr ridge suggested some Seeds to eat in summer season:

Sunflower Seeds:

Firstly, Sunflower seeds are a popular snack choice known for their crunchy texture and nutty flavor. They are rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamin E, and selenium. Enjoy them raw or roasted as a standalone snack, sprinkle them over salads, or use them to add texture to baked goods and granola bars.

Watermelon Seeds:

As you enjoy juicy watermelon during the summer months, don’t discard the seeds! Watermelon seeds are edible and rich in protein, healthy fats, magnesium, and zinc. They can be roasted and seasoned for a crunchy snack or added to salads and trail mixes for extra nutrition. Mohit Tandon Burr Ridge

Watermelon Seeds
Seeds to eat in Summer Season : Mohit Tandon Burr Ridge

Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas):

Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are nutrient-dense seeds that offer a wealth of health benefits. They are high in protein, fiber, magnesium, zinc, and antioxidants. Roast them with your favorite spices for a savory snack, sprinkle them over salads and soups, or use them as a crunchy topping for yogurt and smoothie bowls.

Seeds to eat in Summer Season : Mohit Tandon Burr Ridge

Chia Seeds:

Basically, Chia seeds are tiny powerhouses of nutrition, packed with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, and antioxidants. When soaked in liquid, chia seeds develop a gel-like consistency, making them ideal for creating refreshing beverages like chia seed lemonade or adding thickness to smoothies and puddings. They can also be sprinkled over yogurt, oatmeal, or salads for added texture and nutrition.

Chia Seeds


Flaxseeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of omega-3 fatty acid, as well as fiber, lignans, and antioxidants. Ground flaxseeds can be added to baked goods like muffins and bread, mixed into pancake batter, or stirred into yogurt and oatmeal for a nutritional boost. Whole flaxseeds can also be added to homemade granola or trail mix for added crunch. Mohit Tandon Burr Ridge

Hemp Seeds:

Hemp seeds are nutrient-rich seeds derived from the hemp plant. They are a complete source of protein, containing all nine essential amino acids, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Hemp seeds have a mild, nutty flavor and can be sprinkled over salads, blended into smoothies, or incorporated into homemade energy bars and protein balls.

Sesame Seeds:

Especially, Sesame seeds are versatile seeds commonly used in cooking and baking. They are rich in healthy fats, protein, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals, including calcium and iron. Toasted sesame seeds add a delicious nutty flavor and crunchy texture to dishes like stir-fries, salads, and baked goods. Sesame seeds can also be ground into tahini to make creamy sauces and dressings.

Poppy Seeds:

Poppy seeds are tiny seeds with a subtly sweet flavor that adds a delightful crunch to baked goods and salads. They are a good source of fiber, protein, calcium, and magnesium. Sprinkle poppy seeds over lemon poppy seed muffins, sprinkle them over fruit salads, or use them as a garnish for pasta dishes and vegetables.

Incorporating these nutritious seeds into your summer diet can help boost your intake of essential nutrients and support overall health and well-being. Whether enjoyed on their own as a snack or added to your favorite recipes, seeds offer a convenient and delicious way to enhance the nutritional value of your meals during the summer season.

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